Top Soil

Quality topsoil has become a limited resource in recent years; but we can source and supply the highest quality topsoils, which acts as an excellent base for landscaping

Topsoil is the uppermost layer of soil, usually the top 30 cm or so. It has the highest concentration of organic matter and microorganisms, and is where most of the Earth's biological soil activity occurs. Plants generally concentrate their roots in, and obtain most of their nutrients from this layer.

Quality topsoil is the basis for quality landscapes. The growth rate, health and visual appearance of landscape plants are directly related to soil quality. Quality topsoil is also a limited resource. As urban development continues, locating quality topsoil becomes more difficult.

The following criteria limits can be used as a guide for all our Topsoil supplied:

 Multi-Purpose Topsoil to BS3882: 2015 with a PH of 5 to 8.9 (0 to 6 is acidic and 8 to 14 is alkaline)

 Phosphorus (P) Index min of 2, Potassium (K) Index min of 2
and Magnesium (Mg) Index min of 1

All our soil is: sandy loam based, a light loam is easy to rake through, it will be 100% peat free and will cover approx 7.5m2 to a metric tonne at 100mm (4”) deep

can be used for laying turf, seeding new lawn and general planting 

Supplied in one tonne bags or loose for large orders

  •  TOP-SOIL Bag

    TOP-SOIL Bag

    TOP SOIL 6 GRADES FOR YOU TO CHOOSE   1. Turf Grade TURF LAYING & SEEDING NEW LAWN.  No Frills VERY sandy soil to aid in the levelling process                                              …



  •  TOP-SOIL Loose

    TOP-SOIL Loose

    TOP SOIL 3 grades for you to choose  Supplied by the Tonne loose;  Minimum Order is 4 Tonnes   FOR ORDERS OF LESS THAN 4 TONNES SIMPLY SELECT  BAG TOPSOIL    Turf Grade, RECOMENDED FOR TURF LAYING & SEEDING NEW LAWN. No Frills …



  •  TOP-SOIL Loose Sports Pitch

    TOP-SOIL Loose Sports Pitch

    3mm SPORTS PITCH LOAM, RECOMENEDED FOR FINE TURF SURFACES, Stone free manufactured topsoil, comprising a blend of washed horticultural grade silica sand, adequate organic compost matter and major plant nutrients, a consistent, friable, 70/30 sandy lo…



  • Organic Compost Root Base Bag

    Organic Compost Root Base Bag

    To improve the poorest of soils we recommend our 100% Peat Free Organic Bio Root Base Compost Choose from :- Premium Screened Compost or None Screened Compost  Comprising of 100% naturally composted Greenery; essential plant nutrients and n…



  • Top Dressing Silica bag

    Top Dressing Silica bag

    Our silica sand top dressing is suitable for existing fine turf areas, Golf Greens and teas,winter sport pitches, General Landscaping projects. We provide a range of sand/organic material blends based on three Grades G35, G45 and G55 for you to c…



  • Top Dressing Sterilised 3mm Bag

    Top Dressing Sterilised 3mm Bag

    Sterilised top dressing is a very dry 3mm screened; specific and constant soil and sand mix used soley for fine turf surfaces Available in 1 tonne builders bag or During the season only from Sept to April on a pallet of 40 x 25kg bags= 1,000 Kgs …



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