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By purchasing on-line you are giving consent for us to email you about any information or product changes connected with your order.
Your email address will never be distributed to any other organisations for the purposes of marketing or spamming Unless you join our mailing list we WILL NOT 
send marketing email and even then every email we send will clearly tell you how to unsubscribe from the list should you wish.


Access to your personal data

You can ask, by sending an Email if we are keeping personal data about you.

If we have any information about you, you may ask to see a copy of that information, We will provide you with a readable copy of all the personal data which we keep about you, within 1-2 weeks.

We will require proof of your identity before we will provide any such information.

If you require a copy of the data we hold about you we will make a charge for providing the information in the format you require. If the information we hold is wrong or incomplete, you may have the data ; erased, rectified or amended as necessary.

How cookies are used by TopSoil4u
Like many websites, we place small data files known as cookies on your computer.
This page explains what cookies are used on this web site.

What are cookies ?
Cookies are small files that websites save to your computer. They’re here to make the site work for you, and to help us understand how people use the website.
These cookies aren’t used to identify you personally but they can remember activities and preferences chosen by you and your browser. You can manage cookies by controlling which cookies are saved or by deleting them, if you wish.
To learn more about cookies use the links below. Or read this page to find out more about the cookies used on TopSoil4u.

We don't think cookie monster quite understood !                                                                



New EU cookie law (e-Privacy Directive)


1. YES we do use cookies to help provide you with the best possible shopping experience

2. By using our E-commerce on line store, you agree that we may store and access cookies on your device

3. Our E-commerce on line store
MUST HAVE cookies to work,
     you will not be able to use the web site to shop because your basket will not function with out them

4. Your web browser settings ultimately control the acceptance of all web site cookies,

     you have always had this control, but remember our shop site WILL NOT work without them


The Facts about cookies

A “cookie” is a small text file that’s stored on your computer, tablet or phone when you visit a website.

Session cookies

Some cookies are deleted when you close down your browser. These are known as session cookies.



Persistent cookies

Persistent cookies remain on your device until they expire or you delete them from your cache. These are known as persistent cookies and enable us to remember things about you as a returning visitor.


Essential cookies
The name says it all, without essential cookies some web sites will not function, because they are essential
 There are three essential cookies set by cube cart store, without them it will not function as an E-commerce on line store and you will not be able to use our store to shop because your basket will not function

To find out more about cookies, including how to see what cookies have been set and how to manage and delete them, visit

Full Details-
Alternatively, you can search the internet for other independent information on cookies


The Cookies in use on our web site are:-

There are three essential cookies set by Cube Cart Store
    Name                 Purpose            Expires After
    ccSID              - Unique Session cookie     browser is closed 
    ccUser            - user                                48 hours
    ccRemember   - remember (Logged in)          48 hours

There are five main cookie types set by Google Analytics on our behalf

     Name            Purpose            Expires After

    UTMA - The Visitor Identifier                   2 Years
    UTMB - 30 Minute session identifier      30 minutes
    UTMC - On Exit session identifier         browser is closed    
    UTMV - Custom Variable Cookie           browser is closed 
    UTMZ - Visitor segmentation                  6 months


We use this data to monitor activity as it happens on our site, because we need to know what's working and what's not, in order to supply you with relevant content for your shopping experience,

we do this with up to 5 Google analytic tracking cookies to report information on what pages you visit, how long you are on the site, how you got here and what you click on.
We do not allow Google to use or share our analytic data.

REMEMBER we only collect anonymous usage information we DO NOT store or capture personal information, we merely capture your device IP address automatically on the server. 

  If you would like more detailed information visit
Google Analytics an OVERVIEW   


  3rd party cookies- will only set when you follow the relevant site link  
Google Analytics stores the type of referral information as a cookie called "utmz" so that When you reach the linked site from our web page, the type of referral is logged, this is called visitor segmentation

              Name                                               Purpose            Expires After         _UTMZ    Visitor segmentation     6 months                 _UTMZ            _UTMZ    _UTMZ                _UTMZ                          _UTMZ           _UTMZ                          _UTMZ                     _UTMZ

To prevent being tracked by Google Analytics  it may be possible to use the browser add-on located here

We hope that this page of cookie information as filled your day with pure excitement
but in case it hasn't; a little something to make you smile :-

Finally a special cookie 4u
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